This is a list of companies that accept BTC

Currently there are more than 25 thousand places from 30 retail stores that have accepted payments in the form of Bitcoin. So, what kinds of items can you get using Bitcoin? The following are some companies that accept payments using BTC.

1. Amazon

The company is rumored to be accepting BTC payments. However, for now you still cannot use Bitcoin as a means of direct payment. Instead, you can get Amazon gift cards using BTC.

There are four choices of places that you can visit if you want to buy an Amazon gift card . First, you can choose to come to In addition, there are also similar options provided by Bitrefill, FoldApp, and Moon. Furthermore, you can also use gift cards to buy various types of goods on Amazon.

2. Paypal

You can also exchange BTC with Paypal. You can do the exchange process directly on the Paypal page. However, this rule applies specifically to the United States. Furthermore, this exchange allows you to make purchases of various types of goods more easily and practically.

3. Microsoft

You can get various types of digital products in Microsoft’s online store network with Bitcoin. You can purchase apps on the Microsoft Store or games on the Xbox Store. Interestingly, this kind of service has been available since 2014. Microsoft temporarily stopped it for reasons of volatility and is now available again.

4. Overstock

If you want to buy home furnishing products, you can use BTC when shopping at Overstock. This solution for buying goods with Bitcoin on Overstock is available because they are collaborating with Coinbase. Overstock also provides goods delivery services to Indonesia, you know!

Interesting fact, Overstock is one of the companies that supports the use of Bitcoin and other crypto. They are known as the first major retail companies to provide payment services using Bitcoin.

5. Namecheap

If you want to have a website with a unique domain, you can use the services of Namecheap. This company provides a means of payment with Bitcoin. This policy is one of Namecheap’s support in an effort to increase freedom and innovation in the digital world.

6. Apple

The next place that you can use to use Bitcoin is Apple. The tech company with the apple logo announced Bitcoin support for Apple Pay in February. This support allows you to purchase apps and games from the Apple app store.

To be able to use Bitcoin on the Apple platform, you first need to install the latest BitPay app. Through this application, you don’t just buy things with Bitcoin on the Apple platform. However, BitPay also provides support for other cryptocurrencies, such as Ether, Binance, and others.

7. Starbucks

Lastly, Starbucks outside Indonesia as a company that accepts Bitcoin payments. However, you cannot use Bitcoin directly at Starbucks outlets. Instead, Starbucks accepts BTC payments through the Bakkt app, which uses Bakkt Cash as a means of payment.

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Released On: 18 December, 2022


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