11 Ways to Get Free Bitcoins Quickly and Easily

Who would have thought that currently there are various ways to get free bitcoins quickly that you can do anytime and anywhere. Yes, it is undeniable, bitcoin is now one of the phenomenal digital currencies and is in demand by many people in the world.

Not even just following the trend , but actually using bitcoin as a long-term investment requirement . Therefore, it is not surprising that various ways are used to obtain the digital currency.

Want to know how? Come on, just take a look at the collection of ways to get free and fast bitcoins below!

How to Get Free Bitcoin Fast

How to get bitcoin fast is often a question for beginners who are just trying to get into the business. Many want to know how this digital money can be obtained easily.

Bitcoin itself is electronic money that can be used to make future investments . With digital money, you can send money to other parties only through internet network access.

In addition, it seems that bitcoin can also be disbursed into any fiat by exchanging it on an exchange site. Very interesting, isn’t it? If you are more and more curious about how to get free bitcoins quickly, see the review below until it runs out!

1. Affiliate Program

The first way to get free and fast bitcoin is through the bitcoin affiliate program. This is a program with a promotional method or also known as a referral marketing program. Affiliates are quite widely used by a number of crypto asset providers because they can be easily accessed on the internet.

If you are really interested in this program, then you need to find a bitcoin provider, such as Wiour.com. All you have to do is open the Wiour.com site and register to join. Later, you will get a referral link after successful email verification, and the link must be shared after you are affiliated.

If other users successfully register a WiOur account via your referral link and make a claim, then you will get a reward of 30% of the earnings they make.

2. Faucet

The next way to get free bitcoin quickly is through a faucet. This is a system that you can find on several free bitcoin sites. To get it, you must first complete a task, such as watching ads, captcha, and much more.

3. Cloud Mining

One way to get free bitcoins on android is cloud mining bitcoin or mining. Yes, in crypto assets, you can earn bitcoins by mining method. However, unlike ordinary mining which costs money, cloud mining can be used for free. 

The trick is to enter the site of the mining service provider with a special server. Later, you have to solve a number of new blocks in an algorithm. Even though it feels difficult at first, but if you get used to it, this mining process will definitely be much easier.

4. Airdrops

Airdrops are also one way to get free and fast bitcoins that you can try. This method of airdrops is generally used by companies to gain a network by distributing bitcoins for free. Because, if you want to join the airdrops system, you will have to complete several tasks first like a faucet.

However, in this system, the tasks given are quite different, namely in the form of instructions to follow a number of related company accounts as well as participate in promoting the events in them. If you complete the task correctly, you will also get free bitcoins.

5. Trading competition

Another way to get free and fast bitcoins is by participating in bitcoin trading competitions. Usually, several exchanges or cryptocurrency exchanges hold this competition and provide a variety of attractive prizes, one of which is bitcoin for the winners. In the competition, your digital assets will be assessed for their amount within a certain time limit.

To take part, just look for various crypto platforms that hold this kind of competition.

6. Playing Games

In addition to participating in competitions, a quick and easy way to get free bitcoins that you can try is through games. Who would have thought that bitcoin could actually be obtained for free by playing games, right? Yes, there are so many online games that offer prizes when you win or even just play them.

Some of these games include abundance , bitcoin aliens , bitcoin blast , alien run , and the like. Later, the bitcoins you get are just withdrawn to your bitcoin wallet . this can be a way to get free bitcoins on android that is easy and practical!

7. Microtask

Microtask is an activity in doing a number of tasks on a website, ranging from sharing posts, filling out surveys, following social media, downloading applications, and so on.

How to get free bitcoins on android this one is indeed quite easy and simple. You can access it on various sites on the internet. The more tasks you complete, the more bitcoins you will earn.

8. Donate

Did you know, the way to get free and fast bitcoins that you can try is through donations. Several sites on the internet belonging to the crypto and blockchain community usually hold bitcoin donation activities. To get it, just include your Bitcoin Wallet Address on the site.

9. Following Bounty

How to get free bitcoins quickly that is no less interesting is to follow the bounty. Not much different from the previous airdrop method, as a bounty hunter, you need to do a number of tasks provided by the bounty organizer.

Usually, the task given is in the form of promoting a new cryptocurrency from a developer through the Initial Coin Offering ( ICO ) program. In addition, you can also be asked to make application reviews, follow social media accounts, and the like. Information about this event can be found on the internet.

10. Write About Cryptocurrencies

If you like writing, then this way to get free bitcoins fast is perfect for trying. It is undeniable, nowadays the crypto world is well known to the public to have its own site to share various information. Well, you provide writing services related to cryptocurrencies in exchange for bitcoins for free.

11. Selling Services or Products

The last way to get free and fast bitcoin is by selling certain services or products. For the payment method, you can use bitcoin digital currency in the transaction process.

No need to worry, there are now quite a number of websites or platforms that provide a special place for buying and selling with payment options using digital currencies, including bitcoin.

That’s a collection of ways to get free bitcoins on android that You can try. The more you routinely take the time to do a number of the methods above, of course, the more bitcoins you can earn.

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