10 Ways to Invest to Get Maximum Profit

Investing is a profitable activity that will help you have financial stability. Anyone can start investing as long as you know how to invest properly.

For this reason, here we will explain how to invest for beginners so that they do not hesitate to start investing according to their goals.

How to Invest to Get Maximum Profit and Minimize Risk

How to invest is actually easy as long as you really intend to invest. Below is an investment method that can be followed by those of you who are just trying to invest.

  • First determine the investment objectives
  • Learn the basics of investing first
  • First, know what are the legal investment instruments in Indonesia
  • First know what an investment risk profile is
  • Realizing investing is not only about profit
  • Get to know various legal investment platforms
  • Invest for the long term
  • If possible, don’t just choose one investment instrument
  • Try investing relaxed
  • One time loss does not mean you will continue to lose
  1. First determine the investment objectives
    Before investing, you should set a clear investment goal. This will help you map out an investment plan and choose the right type of investment.

For example, you have an investment goal in the short term, the results of which are taken in less than 1 year. You also know what type of investment instrument is suitable to choose according to that purpose.

Investment goals also help you have the motivation to invest properly. Even if you are still trying at first, a clear investment goal will make you more serious in the future.

  1. Learn the basics of investing first
    The next way to invest is to learn the basics of investing. You can learn about it from investment content that can be accessed on the internet, from articles, podcasts, to Youtube.

There are also many free investment seminars that can be followed. You will later meet mentors who are good at investing and people like you who are interested in investing.

  1. Know first what are the legal investment instruments in Indonesia
    There are many types of investments that are legally present in Indonesia. Remember, it must be legal. Because only the legal ones can be trusted.

Don’t get caught up in bogus investments that make you lose money.

The characteristics of legal investment instruments are that the company has a clear address and already has an operating license from the OJK.

  1. First know what an investment risk profile is
    In addition to adjusting to your investment objectives, investment instruments can be selected according to your investment risk profile.

Investment risk profile is your preference in dealing with investment risk that is adjusted to the profit you want to achieve.

Those of you who want to achieve high profits, and are ready to take high risks are aggressive investors.

Those of you who prefer instruments with moderate returns and risks are moderate investors.

Those of you who prefer a quiet road with low returns and risks are conservative investors.

There is no best type of risk profile. As long as you are comfortable running it, you will definitely be able to achieve the targeted profit.

  1. Realize investing is not only about profit
    You have to realize this from the start as the right way to invest. It’s true that you invest for profit, but don’t ignore risk.

That risk will always exist because of our ups and downs in our economy. For that you do not forget the risk. Face risks boldly through the risk coping strategies you prepare.

By thinking about the benefits and risks, you will be better prepared to face such a dynamic investment market.

  1. Get to know various legal investment platforms
    After the types of legal investment instruments, you should also know the various legal investment platforms .

Now investing can be done anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. However, not all investment platforms are safe because there are also fraudulent platforms .

Fake platforms are often unsettling because they take advantage of you to seek the maximum profit, but instead you continue to lose. That’s why you should avoid illegal platforms .

To choose a safe platform type , you must ensure that the platform only has permission from OJK or BAPPEBTI.

  1. Invest for the long term
    How to invest for regular profits, preferably in the long term. This investment will also help your various needs in the future.

Investment value always has the opportunity to increase in the future. You can keep it for some time, then retrieve the result according to your plan.

To carry out long-term investments, you should choose suitable instruments such as stocks and equity mutual funds.

  1. If possible, don’t just choose one investment instrument
    You should not just focus on one instrument. Try choosing another instrument that you understand and like.

There are many instrument options for you now. You just have to learn how it works and whether the benefits it offers are in line with your investment goals.

By choosing more than one investment instrument, you are conducting an investment diversification strategy to reduce the risk that always lurks.

  1. Try to invest in a relaxed manner
    How to invest that is often forgotten is to invest in a relaxed manner. You don’t need to panic when the investment value drops, first learn what the cause is, don’t immediately make a sale.

Usually this decline occurs temporarily, then can rise again. The point is that you shouldn’t make decisions in a hurry to make you regret later because you don’t want to wait.

  1. One time loss does not mean you will continue to lose
    Loss is something you will often face in the investment world. It seems impossible to find investors who never lose. Investors like Lo Kheng Hong have lost. That’s why you have to face this loss or risk.

You may lose today, but tomorrow may not necessarily be a loss. Why? Because those of you who find out why you can lose will learn a lot from it. 

After that you also understand what you have to do to minimize the loss.


That’s how to invest that can be followed by beginners. Don’t be afraid to invest. As long as you make an effort to understand the investment, you can definitely go about it as planned. By learning, you are also ready to face the various investment risks that exist.


  1. How much capital to start investing?
    To start investing you can start from any amount. You can start from Rp. 10,000 to millions. Even if you start with little capital, if you invest regularly, the capital you provide will certainly increase. The benefits you can get are getting bigger.
  2. 3 million for what investment?
    You can try to fund MSMEs in People’s Capital with a capital of Rp. 3 million. You have the potential to earn 18% per year from the loan and interest paid to you. People’s Capital already has a permit from the OJK, so it is safe as a platform for MSME funding.
  3. What’s a good investment?
    A good investment for you is:
  • Shares
  • P2P lending
  • It’s not
  • Mutual Funds
  • Retail bonds

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